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    Packaging systems made of Styropor®, EPP and special foams – effective partnership with an integrated approach

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    We provide protection for both people and products

  • Insulation

    Hot or cold – we ensure the right temperature

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  1. Packaging
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Schlaadt: Particle foam expertise

Schlaadt is the leading manufacturer of molded parts and cut to size parts made of Styropor (EPS), EPP and special foams. We have five German production sites and our own factory in the USA.

Moreover, as a system provider, Schlaadt supplies a wide variety of services such as product development, fabrication of packaging, recycling, customized logistics solutions and on to system partnerships, adapted for customer needs.

As a specialist in “Packaging – Protecting – Insulating” we supply primarily the following sectors: automotive, construction, heating, sanitary, electrical, food and pharmaceuticals.

Packaging systems

  • System partnerships
  • System components
  • Local service
  • System partnerships

    We have a highly efficient service network for our packaging systems with a comprehensive spectrum of services – from product packaging, palletizing and transport packaging to complete logistics services.

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  • System components

    Packaging is an indispensable part of modern industrial society. It guarantees safety during transportation and storage and in global trade in goods. It also makes distribution easier.

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  • Local service

    As a packaging and logistics service provider, we are part of a network of system partnerships that extends across Europe. The comprehensive approach opens up extensive performance potential for us and ensures you that you will always have the required Schlaadt service on site.

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Our materials

Styropor® / airpop®

expandable polystyrene


expanded polypropylene


tremendous insulating ability

Special foams/copolymers

special foams: Quality for unusual applications

About us

Sustainable environmental protection

We are always working on improving our entire company with respect to environmental impact. Because this is the only way can we achieve our common goal: a future worth living in.


Environmental certification according to ISO 14001

Closed loop recycling system