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Environmental certification according to ISO 14001

Schlaadt has been certified according to DIN ISO 14001 since 2007. This industrial standard is proof of sustainable environmental management that is integrated into all of our operational processes. Completely in line with the requirements, we are always working on improving our entire company with respect to environmental impact. Because this is the only way can we achieve our common goal: a future worth living in.

“Environmental protection is an elementary component of our company policies. Responsibility to the environment, to society, to customers and to employees influences all of our decisions!”

  1. Beyond complying with the legal regulations and official rules, it is obvious to Schlaadt that environmental impacts and use of resources must be reduced.
  2. Through appropriate environmental management, we ensure that our environmental policies are effectively implemented. The technical and organizational processes necessary for this have been introduced and are regularly checked and developed further.
  3. Taking actions in an environmentally conscious manner is expected of all of our employees. Expanding and supporting conscious environmental responsibility at all levels is an ongoing task for all managers.
  4. We strive to improve our production process on a continuous basis. Here we pay special attention to internal company environmental protection and preserving existing resources.
  5. We advise our customers regarding the option to use environmentally responsible packaging materials. The development of our packaging is based on minimizing the use of material, energy and resources while guaranteeing the optimum protection for the packed goods.
  6. We maintain a dialog with the respective authorities and public institutions and we strive to implement ideas regarding environmental protection.

Closed loop recycling system

Styropor® material is not only manufactured with a positive ecological balance, but at Schlaadt, it is also permanently integrated into a closed loop recycling system. With Schlaadt Recycling GmbH at the Lorch am Rhein location, Schlaadt has an in-house solution for material recycling and the recycling of all of our particle foam products as well as production waste. We are working to continue to increase the recycling rate above 70% and we offer our customers an environmentally responsible, complete solution for disposal.


As a family company that is conscious of tradition and with deep roots in the community, Schlaadt feels responsible to its employees, customers and our society. As a member of the German Association of the Plastics Converters (GKV), as early as 2013 we already introduced a code of conduct that applies to all company areas and that establishes our unchangeable values and our social obligation to people in a binding manner.

HBCD-free Styropor