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Success as times change

The origins of the Schlaadt company group reach back to 1904 when Georg Stephan Schlaadt established a lumberyard at Loreleystadt St. Goarshausen. He bound spruce logs from the Taunus region into rafts that then floated down the Rhine.

In the 1950s – the rafts were no longer floating by then – the company successfully adapted to the changed market conditions, and under the management of the second generation, it became a parquet flooring manufacturer. A visible expression of this course of expansion was the move in 1959 to a new, 70,000 m² location in Lorch am Rhein.

Just a year later, Schlaadt laid the foundation for the future as one of the first companies to purchase a license to manufacture Styropor® (also known as Styrofoam). The managing directors of the third generation, Theo and Hermann Schlaadt, knew how to unlock the enormous potential of synthetic material.

As long as Styropor® has existed, we have had a crucial influence on the development of packaging and functional parts made of particle foams with a wealth of innovative ideas. In the meantime, our spectrum of material has been supplemented by other synthetic materials such as EPP, Neopor® and copolymers, which find their way to customers as both molded and cut to size parts.

In this way, we demonstrate our expertise in particle foams every day, wherever solutions in the areas of “Packaging – Protecting – Insulating” are needed.

Schlaadt is a stable, highly evolved group of specialized companies that augment each other. At five production sites in Germany and in one location in the USA, over 320 employees work on innovative solutions for satisfied customers.

At the headquarters in Lorch, Schlaadt Plastics processes Styropor® (EPS), EPP, Neopor® and copolymers. In addition, the development and innovation center is located here, as well as Schlaadt recycling and a cut to size location.

Schlaadt HighCut in Mülheim is an expert contact for cut to size and contour parts made of particle foams. Hard foam blocks from our own production are shaped with highly precise equipment to make customized customer solutions – flexible, reliable, fast.

With Schlaadt GFH in Bretzfeld-Bitzfeld and in Dillingen/Donau, Schlaadt has two locations in southern Germany. This regional distribution allows us to always be near the market, and by any measure we always have a short trip to our customers.

Our overseas business home, Schlaadt Plastics Ltd, is located in New Bern, North Carolina, USA.

Always striving to develop new applications and technologies in order to continue successful expansion, with Stefan Schlaadt as the managing director in the fourth generation the family tradition continues, even after 100 years.

The principles of the entire Schlaadt company group are based on unchangeable pillars: our actions are characterized by our responsibility to our employees, the environment and society.

At every location, we work every day to confirm the trust and satisfaction of our customers at the highest level.

All of this is what we mean by particle foam expertise!

  • Schlaadt Plastics GmbH – Hauptsitz

    Schwalbacher Straße 123
    65391 Lorch/Rhein
    +49 (0) 67 26 / 8 03 - 0 +49 (0) 67 26 / 8 03 - 3 33
    Hessen Deutschland
  • Schlaadt GFH mbH

    Reeßweg 13
    74626 Bretzfeld-Bitzfeld
    +49 (0) 79 46 / 94 96 38 - 16 +49 (0) 79 46 / 94 96 38 - 22
    Baden-Württemberg Deutschland
  • Schlaadt GFH mbH Dillingen

    Werner-von-Siemensstraße 6
    89407 Dillingen a. d. Donau
    +49 (0) 90 71 / 72 49 7 +49 (0) 90 71 / 72 49 9
    Bayern Deutschland
  • Schlaadt HighCut GmbH

    Lahnstraße 42
    45478 Mülheim an der Ruhr
    +49 (0) 20 8 / 94 11 75 - 0 +49 (0) 20 8 / 94 11 75 - 21
    Nordrhein-Westfalen Deutschland
  • Schlaadt Recycling GmbH

    65391 Lorch
    +49 (0) 67 26 / 8 03 - 0 +49 (0) 67 26 / 8 03 - 3 33
    Hessen Deutschland
  • Schlaadt Plastics Ltd.

    198 Bosch Blvd
    NC 28562 New Bern
    +1 252-634-9494
    North Carolina, United States of America