Special foams/copolymers

special foams: Quality for unusual applications

As versatile as classic foam products made of Styropor® (also known as Styrofoam), Neopor® and EPP are, in certain situations they come up against the limits of their abilities. For applications like these, our material portfolio contains specialized foams with properties developed with exactly these applications in mind.

Schlaadt offers special foams in many varieties and application areas. Among other products, our portfolio includes:

In comparison with conventional foam applications, this foam offers improved sound absorption due to its open-pored surface.
PIOCELAN (crack resistant Styropor®)
Piocelan, a variety of EPS, is much more wear resistant and durable than conventional EPS, so it offers a lower priced alternative for difficult application conditions or for long-term use.
Particle foam with fire protection properties (HB 0)
Wherever good insulation properties are required along with meeting higher fire protection requirements, this material is the answer.
With its highly elastic, springy characteristics, E-TPU is an advanced development based on thermoplastically processed polyurethane for completely new application areas.

For information about the capabilities of our special foams and copolymers or if you are interested in other foam connections, we are happy to consult with you at any time.