Styropor® / airpop®

expandable polystyrene

Styropor®, also known as EPS (expandable polystyrene) or Styrofoam, is a thermoplastic particle foam material based on polystyrene. Due to its outstanding material properties, Styropor® offers so many advantages that it is difficult to list them in an accurate order. Most often, various priorities result from differing objectives – but whatever they are, Styropor® meets nearly every preference in the best way possible.


Styropor® consists of 98% air and just 2% structural substance, and thanks to precisely this fact, this material has outstanding properties. These result in the extraordinary cost-effectiveness characterized by a very beneficial price to performance ratio.

Products that Schlaadt manufactures from Styropor® are a 100% synthesis of user-friendly beneficial value, functional design and innovative development for well-known companies in a wide variety of industries.

Airpop® is a brand name used consistently throughout Europe for Styropor® (EPS), as it continues to be known in Germany. This new term is an attempt at an international alignment of the existing variety of names for this material.

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