With our EPP load carriers, crucial automotive parts arrive safely at the customer’s location. Due to their exceptional ability to absorb energy and shape recovery characteristics, EPP molded parts are known for their outstanding performance in the highly demanding packaging and transportation tasks in the automotive industry.


It’s not an accident that the air suspension predominates in commercial vehicle engineering. The shock absorbing effect of our particle foams (EPP, EPE, copolymers) is based on a similar principle. Countless EPP stacking containers that we developed are now in use, proving the extremely robust nature of this versatile, reusable packaging. It’s smooth, flexible surface feels like wax: It provides reliable protection for sensitive paint finishes, plastic surfaces and polished glass.

Our EPP molded parts are also outstanding for use in the transportation of heavy loads. They provide lasting protection from impacts and pressure, they can be stacked and palletized, and their service life is generally equal to that of a car. This will allow you to keep your logistics costs under control.

Of course, for your export applications, our load carriers are also available in a low-cost, single use solution made of Styropor® (also known as Styrofoam) or copolymers.

EPP molded packaging strips for gas pressure spring

Various EPP load carriers and small load carrier inserts

EPS carrier for mirror caps (export version)

EPP carrier with lid (hinge solution)

EPP carrier for armrests

EPP for wheel rims


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