We are “guardian angels” for the electrical and electronic industry

There are many great arguments for using packaging made of EPP and Styropor®. Low material use makes it economical and, compared with other materials, it offers significant advantages with respect to price. It is environmentally responsible because it is 100% recyclable. Its extremely low weight saves transportation costs. Its diverse characteristics provide safety, which makes EPS and EPP a natural choice, above any other materials, for demanding packaging and transportation tasks.

The electrical and electronics industry is now enthusiastically embracing Schlaadt packaging solutions. Because it can easily recover its shape, returning to its original form even after multiple impacts, it is the ideal material for use with highly sensitive goods. You can count on the following in Schlaadt product development: All of the packaging elements are adapted specifically for the requirements of the goods to be packaged – in addition, Schlaadt solutions are always customized with regard to cost-effectiveness.

Naturally, our particle foams are also available for electrostatic-sensitive devices.

EPS packaging protection for lighting (flocked surface)

EPP case insert for electrical tools (with sintered surface)

EPS packaging protection for vacuum cleaners

EPS packaging protection for electrical devices


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