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With our packaging you can revolutionize your logistics

Increasing and optimizing efficiency are the key ideas in modern supply chain management. With transportation and storage solutions by Schlaadt, you will revolutionize your logistics and get your company ready for the requirements of the global economy.

Packaging solutions made of particle foam are at once protective, light as a feather and hold their shape well: this difference impacts every instance of transportation. The solutions increase delivery reliability and quality while reducing transportation costs – no matter if they’re used on roads, rails or in the air.

Styropor® (also known as Styrofoam) and other particle foams used for our transport boxes are reusable. You will reduce the time, effort and costs associated with procurement and your logistics will be up to date with a view toward the environment.

On the inside, Schlaadt packaging products allow a high packing density, while on the outside, they can be easily stacked and palletized. In this way, you can send large delivery volumes out at the same time and benefit from the low costs of a leaner supply chain.

We are happy to advise you regarding individual solutions for your supply chain and, together with you, lead your company to a completely new understanding of modern logistics. Just get in touch with us.

Leightweight loading device for AirCargo application – AKE Containers

Leightweight loading device for AirCargo application – plate goods


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