Precast concrete parts

Precast concrete parts: How modern construction works

Concrete is a heavyweight – in terms of both construction properties and weight. EPS contour parts by Schlaadt are light as a feather and are indispensable in modern construction in the pouring of precast concrete parts.

Styropor (also known as Styrofoam) models help builders in the production of preformed manhole bodies and channels or as light forming bodies that hold their shape well for precast concrete walls and ceilings.

And it’s worth it: Construction time is significantly decreased due to the accuracy of fit and the properties of the prefabricated parts by Schlaadt and costs are substantially reduced. Thermal bridges and other hindrances are reliably minimized or completely prevented.

We use glow wire to cut the Styropor elements. In this way, customized shaping – in accordance with the most recent construction standards and regulations – is also possible in small lot sizes.

Schlaadt produces EPS bodies up to a length of 4 m from single blocks. In addition, we supply EPS circular blanks for producing precast concrete manholes in accordance with DIN V 4034-1 up to a nominal width of DN 2000. Get in touch with us.

We’d be happy to advise you regarding the many and various application options. Then you can find out how you can substantially lower your construction costs with Schlaadt.

Concrete walls, channels


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