expanded polypropylene

The material from which more and more of the future will be shaped is called EPP (expanded polypropylene). It is an unusually versatile, thermoplastic synthetic material. Due to its beneficial properties, this closed-cell particle foam material (not cross-linked) has been used, particularly in recent years, in a wide variety of industries for diverse applications.

Particularly this material’s ability to easily recover its shape makes it the ideal starting material for reusable transportation packaging, load carriers and packaging for highly sensitive goods.

In the area of passive safety elements in automobiles, EPP is valued for its excellent energy absorption, low weight and versatility with regard to shaping options.

Its high temperature stability in connection with its low conductivity enable optimum solutions with thermal insulation. Due to its nearly unlimited shapeability and beneficial price to performance ratio, EPP enjoys an outstanding ranking.

When things have to go really smoothly – EPE.

For unusually sensitive surfaces or with products that are extremely sensitive to impact, we use EPE (expanded polyethylene), which has very special cushioning properties.

EPE is tremendously suited for use with extremely sensitive devices because it is well suited for use at low densities.