Model building

Model builders depend on Schlaadt

Prototypes, small series and models have to be convincing at first glance. After all, they represent the go-ahead signal for successful production and cooperation.

For this reason, many users rely on the easily gasifiable EPS model building foam by Schlaadt. It is ideal for the lost foam, full mold casting process, so you can literally cast your ideas and innovations into the optimum shape.

We supply the required Styropor (also known as Styrofoam) semi-finished products up to length of 4,000 mm in the usual density of 18 g/l. This material can be milled into delicate shapes and can reliably demonstrate all of the details of highly complex cast parts as a model.

Our reliable model building foam MB18 was developed for precise shaping and processing and has an exceptionally low density with small beads and extremely homogeneous foaming. In this way, each model is thoroughly and completely replaced by the metal casting. Let us advise you regarding the many and various application options of our model building products.

Milled ronde (model building) – plate ware


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