Construction, living spaces

We make sure that heat stays in the house

Those who build today need to control not only their construction costs, but also their energy costs. With Styropor® you’ll stay on the safe side.

Heat insulation construction systems made of Styropor® elements (EPS, also known as Styrofoam) help reduce the time needed to build your house due to the system’s efficient module connection system. And not only that: thanks to the fantastic heat insulation values for Styropor®, heating costs remain within reasonable limits. Even passive houses, which do not require any additional heating systems, can be built in this way.

Moreover, Schlaadt offers NEOPOR®, a material that significantly exceeds even the very good heat insulation values of Styropor® (by about 10%). And that’s worth it.

From insulation elements for roof or external wall insulation and floor heating panels to drainage elements and “lost formwork” – we have the right insulation system.

Stackable casing element and thermal insulation for walls


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