Thermal containers for medical products: When every second counts.

Many medical products are temperature sensitive, but in emergencies, they must be brought quickly, without interruption, to patients. The insulation properties of Styropor® (also known as Styrofoam), Neopor® and EPP are one reason that users rely on thermal containers by Schlaadt for the shipping and transportation of medical products.

Our insulated boxes made of particle foam and used for pharmaceutical products offer perfectly adjusted temperature control and also protect medications from light, impacts and other environmental factors. At the same time, they are especially hygienic, light and suitable for high packing density. For these reasons, they are an important tool for pharmaceutical companies, online pharmacies, laboratories and pharmaceutical service providers.

In the development of advanced solutions for pharmaceuticals, Schlaadt also depends on the knowledge and experience of the system partners it’s had for many years. This is the source of professional solutions for the domestic express shipment of medications and for global logistics – in all climate zones and for any temperature requirements.

With thermal containers for pharmaceuticals, medications arrive exactly where they should – and at the highest quality. Here is an outstanding example: our successful 72 hour box for shipping vaccines. It provides stable conditions for three days, no matter where the shipment is headed.

EPS dispatch box for pharmacies (for 4-liter packaging content)

Reusable pharmacy dispatch box

EPS packaging for 100 ml pharmaceutical bottles

Styropor® packaging for 12 DIN injection bottles, 100 ml


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