Freshness and enjoyment depend on the right packaging

With our particle foam packaging for food, we have our finger on the current pulse of the industry because precisely in this segment, online sales have grown considerably in recent years.

With our thermal containers made of particle foam for fresh and chilled goods, you will meet all the requirements for complying with the cold chain and you can offer your customers a safe transportation and shipping solution – a significant factor for success in a growing market.

Our insulated boxes maintain a stable temperature window from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius for fresh goods and – when filled with dry ice – they can be used for shipping frozen goods. This way, customers receive only fresh goods of outstanding quality.

The range of Schlaadt standard boxes extends from containers for small purchases (volume: 2.9 liters) to boxes for large orders (volume: 60 liters). There are no tool costs associated with these thermal boxes. This optimizes your supply chain, saving valuable resources.

The outstanding insulating ability of thermal boxes made of EPP or copolymers allows you to send even hot goods on their way at a constant temperature. This makes Schlaadt a reliable partner for catering and event companies. Our products are also used to supply daily hot meals – for retirement care, for example.

Of course, all of our products meet the highest hygienic requirements for shipping food. The particle foam is food safe, odorless and neutral in taste. A look at beekeeping proves it: It has been shown that bees are comfortable in dwellings made of Styropor® (also known as Styrofoam) and even produce their best honey here.

And by the way, we also supply you with the cold packs necessary for transport. Get in touch with us. We’re happy to advise you.

EPS insulated container (25.5 liter package contents)

EPS insulated box, volume: 36.5 liters


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