Packaging Systems

Effective partnership with comprehensive approach

As a leading specialist in the field of packaging, we at Schlaadt are well aware of our responsibility – and that’s why we work continually on the further development and enhancement of our comprehensive concepts.

We rise to meet the complex requirements of logistics and packaging services and, in close cooperation with our customers, we work to go beyond the limits of what was possible to date.

We rely on our highly efficient service network and a comprehensive range of services in order to achieve these aims. We support you by providing the solutions you need for your packaging problems from start to finish, regardless of material – and, as our customer, you benefit at all levels:

  • We create packaging concepts tailored to your products, including palletization and transportation, even for complex logistical tasks – individually designed to suit your portfolio.
  • We create solutions for seemingly impossible packaging challenges and continually improve the efficiency of our products.
  • We help you cut your storage and logistics costs and solve the time-consuming problem of finding the best packaging solutions.

In other words, Schlaadt gives you the opportunity to fully concentrate on the most important thing – the enduring success of your enterprise.

You can trust in Schlaadt’s wealth of experience – we are at your service!