Personal safety/child seats

Uncompromising protection for the whole family

Nothing is more valuable than the health of your entire family. Especially in terms of road transportation, safety and protection are important for high quality products and uncompromising quality. Molded parts made of particle foam by Schlaadt are an important contribution in this area – as integrated padding in child seats and as a component of helmet shells or protectors.

The robust particle foam reliably absorbs impacts and limits the related penetrating forces. At the same time, the foam’s deliberate ergonomic features and precise shape allows it to conform to the requirements for a comfortable contour.

Products made of particle foam by Schlaadt have been in demand in the automobile industry for decades. Our customers and partners rely on the unequivocal quality of our crash pads and knee protection absorbers, which reinforce and make a vehicle’s interior space safe without being seen. Our particle foam parts do their work where they are not immediately visible, but nonetheless have a great effect. Every day you can give your customers the feeling that they are contributing to their own safety.

Let our employees advise you regarding our safety components.

EPS neck protection and side padding for child seats

EPP transportation and storages containers for four breathing air bottles


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