tremendous insulating ability

Heat insulation was an important subject long before the passive house standards were introduced. Neopor® is a particle foam that combines the best insulation properties with an especially low material density.

Neopor® is an advanced development of the usual Styropor® insulation materials created by adding a percentage of graphite. The silver-gray foam was initially developed by BASF AG, and since then, it has held the top position in the manufacture of efficient insulating solutions – at Schlaadt as well.

The most important property is its high insulation ability, which Neopor® achieves at a much lower density than conventional Styropor® applications.

This makes Neopor® the optimum solution for efficient insulation and substantially reduces costs for construction and for thermal insulation used in building.

Among other applications, Neopor® is used for:

  • Insulation elements
  • External wall components
  • Headers
  • Roof insulation boards
  • Roller blind boxes
  • Insulation components
  • Window joining profiles
  • Insulated containers and inserts

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