Home appliances

Secure padding made of Styropor® for washing machines and the like

With our Styropor® packaging, large household appliances arrive safely at the user’s door.

Our molded packaging parts fit around the appliances like a protective shield – without a significant increase in weight. This is because Styropor® (also known as Styrofoam) consists of 98% air – but nevertheless, it is particularly resistant to pressure and holds its shape well.

This space-saving, efficient packaging allows appliances to be stacked for storage and transportation with no problems. That significantly reduces your logistics costs – an advantage that you can also pass on to your customers.

ww-420Packaging made of Styropor® and particle foams by Schlaadt is attractive because its price is low and its protective function is high, so when customers receive their household appliances, they are in excellent shape – no transportation damage – and they are quickly ready to use.

As a modern company, Schlaadt particularly values a closed cycle in terms of material recycling. Our packaging is safe with respect to the environment and has received a green distinction, which your customers also value.

For decades, Schlaadt has been the first choice for providing customized packaging solutions for large, household appliances.

EPS packaging for water filter cartridges

EPS packaging protection for dishwashers


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