EPS cut to size

HighCut – a tailored suit made cut by cut

Styropor cut to size packaging, fast and inexpensive

In cases where only sheets, blocks, profiles or angles are needed for packaging, there is no need for an expensive tool to produce these parts.

With our EPS cut to size parts we always have a quick solution handy for small lots and simple contours.


Whether you need a cube, rectangular block, triangle, wedge or half-shell, our cut to size parts can be made in many shapes. We use glow wire and highly precise equipment to cut our Styropor® (also known as Styrofoam) blocks based on our requirements. Because we have our own hard foam block production, we are independent.

You benefit because we can offer you a high degree of customization together with speed, flexibility and reliable delivery. With our two locations, Mülheim (north) and Lorch (south), we are always fast, flexible and near our customers.

Buy your cut to size parts directly from the manufacturer.

EPS cut to size parts for rollers (rotationally symmetrical objects)

EPS cut to size parts

EPS cut to size contours


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