Automotive series parts

We ensure safety in automobiles

It’s safe to say it’s safer

The advantages of our construction materials (EPP, P-EPP, copolymers, EPS) are also clearly demonstrated in their use as functional elements in the area of automotive series parts.

They provide crash safety, great energy savings due to reduced overall weight, good sound insulation and, of course, more comfortable amenities.

In vehicle doors, protective knee padding or column covering – anywhere that passive safety and passenger protection are important – the light, shock-absorbing EPP absorbers are the right choice.

Moreover, among the tremendous product benefits are nearly unlimited design and shaping options, which enable even the most unusual solutions. These include the storage of breakdown kits in the trunk, application in the front end as a bumper, or simply to fill hollow spaces in the vehicle interior.

Last, but not least, the low cost and environmental compatibility of Schlaadt particle foams allows them to meet all of the industry’s material requirements at the highest level, without compromising.

We are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16949, so we also guarantee the process reliability expected from a dependable series supplier.

EPP crash pad for door panel

EPP toolbox (underbody insert)

EPP shock absorber (front end module)

EPS footrests, driver’s side (floor assembly)


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